About Us

We have vast knowledge and experience from being in the Financial Planning Industry for more than 10 years, while helping our clients in Hong Kong and China. This has helped us to widen our awareness when it comes to our customer’s desires and their main concerns. This therefore motivates us to want to share and pass on the information and skills that we have acquired over the years so that other people can also have an improved perception on which type of insurance cover would benefit them and allow them to have a stress free life which is full of excitement and opportunities. Universal Life Insurance policies are one of our core expertise.

With a well trained and experienced team, who effectively advises high net-worth  clients in Hong Kong, China and the Asian region, we are honored to share our skills and expertise in Financial Planning both domestically and internationally. With sincerity and truthfulness, we aim at giving our customers the best financial answers with clarity and prudence.

We always provide all inclusive and expertly designed policies which attracts our clients and makes them opt for our services over our rival’s services, because with us they are assured of nothing but the best.

You can always get these services in major banks but these tend to be sub-contracted from brokers because banks prefer not to handle matters of financial planning and insurance, since it is not their core strength. There is a limited variety of financial planning services provided by the brokers, meaning that the client will not have the benefit of choosing from the full range of products and services.  We ensure that we provide the best medical funding coverage choices to our customers; this is specifically important for customers who have known medical conditions.

When we share the knowledge, we also educate our customers with the Features of Universal Life Insurance plans, and also other financial plans to help them in deciding which one is appropriate and safe for them.

After more than 10 years of working in the financial planning industry, we know the importance of working closely with other financial institutions and bonding with representatives to ensure that customers get the best comprehensive wealth management portfolio products.

In addition, we have an open mind when it comes to co-operations with other organisations dealing with high net worth clients, who may need Universal Life Insurance or other financial planning instruments in Hong Kong and China. We know the value of reliable partnerships for years ahead.