Case Study

Wealth Creation

Hong Kong citizen, Ms Chow lost her husband at age 60. She was left alone with 3 children to take care of. Her cash assets are currently valued at US$5 million. Looking into the future, she would like to share the assets amongst her children and also keep a potion for her personal use after her retirement. Read more ..

Wealth Distribution

China based, Mr. & Mrs. Yang, both aged 65 have 3 children; Son X, Daughter Y and Son Z. Their children are all grown up and have their own children. The youngest grand child is about 1 month old and born of Son Z. Because of their hard work and commitment, they have been able to acquire a home of US$2.8 million, .. Read more..

Legacy Planning

Hong Kong based couple Mr. & Mrs. Kwok, both aged 50 are enjoying early retirement as a result of their hard work. They had established their own business which they eventually sold when they were at age 45. They have no children and they both do not have their parents around and have extra cash amounting to US$20 million. Read more..

Shareholder’s Protection

There are many people who start business and look at the succession matters very closely. Many big businesses are left to family members who are expected to successfully continue to build the business which has already been established. However it is never a guarantee that the children will take over the business Read more..


It all started as a simple venture of setting up a small eating place. Mr. Jappy now manages a chain of restaurants across Hong Kong and China. He has a head chef who is a well known, famous personality, whom has also received a number of awards. The chef takes control of designing attractive menus which continue Read more..