Legacy Planning


Hong Kong based couple Mr. & Mrs. Kwok, both aged 50 are enjoying early retirement as a result of their hard work. They had established their own business which they eventually sold when they were at age 45. They have no children and they both do not have their parents around and have extra cash amounting to US$20 million. They both have doing volunteering jobs since their retirement.

Mr. Kwok has been helping out at 2 elderly homes. He has taken a US$5 million premium Universal Life Plan, which he put under trust and its coverage is worth US$15 million. This will eventually serve as medical care financial support for the two elderly homes where he is currently volunteering at.

Mrs. Kwok on the other hand volunteers at a local orphanage and also for an oversees orphanage in Cambodia. She also took a premium of the same amount as her husband. And just like the husband she would have US$15 million coverage. According to Mrs. Kwa the trust would serve two purposes, the first one is to make annual donations to the two orphanages and secondly to use as an education scholarship for the children being housed in the orphanages.

The funds for both Mr. and Mrs. Kwok will be controlled by an investment company which will ensure that they continue to make consistent returns .