Wealth Creation


Hong Kong citizen, Ms Chow lost her husband at age 60. She was left alone with 3 children to take care of. Her cash assets are currently valued at US$5 million. Looking into the future, she would like to share the assets amongst her children and also keep a potion for her personal use after her retirement. After many years of hard work her entire life, she imagines of living a more relaxed, happy life and to enjoy her hard earned money. While meditating about this, she became conscious that US$5 million may not be enough to achieve her wishes to allocate US$3 million as her retirement money and leave US$2 million for her 3 children.

After carefully analyzing these figures, she decided to use US$2 million to buy a Universal Life Plan. Because of this, she got assured of US$9 million. She went ahead to write a will that stated  that the proceeds will be equally distributed amongst her 3 children, which will see each one of them receive at least US$3 million each.

This therefore meant that she could gladly spend US$3 million without having to worry about her children’s future.