The beginning of Universal Life Insurance was in the 1980s and it has been acknowledged as a core part of the life insurance market.

The Hong Kong / China policy holder would get security because of the guaranteed 4 percent minimum interest rate that is applied to the policy. The security is therefore guaranteed no matter how the investment performs; the insurance firm is in a position to guarantee a certain minimum amount of return on the cash invested. Whenever the insurance company performs well in terms of investments, the return on interest on the accrued money value will also go up.

Universal Life Insurance also gives the owner the freedom to provide income to the owner’s partner or spouse and dependent children. Such insurance investments can also be used to clear off both personal and business debts which could include home mortgage, business loans, personal loans etc. In case of the death of any of the main employees, the insurance cover can also be used as to protect the company from economic loss as a result of his sudden and unforeseen departure.